Thursday, May 23, 2013

Community Care in Action

Yesterday in-between rain showers, Trevecca Towers, on the campus of Trevecca University, held a very productive health fair for the residents of Trevecca Towers and the surrounding community.  There is a story behind this event. Nursing students from Vanderbilt School of Nursing identified a need for primary care services and want to do something to improve the general health and wellness of each member in the community.  They planned, organized, and implemented the event which provided screening and education throughout the day. You might be thinking, "Did it make a significant impact on the community?" I am glad you asked. In fact, they did more than that. They saved a life or kidding!  Here is what happened. One of the participants in the fair was being screened for high blood pressure, and Boy Did She Ever have high blood pressure!!! Her blood pressure was almost 3x the level it should be!  The fast thinking Vanderbilt Nursing student quickly rechecked and confirmed the blood pressure and immediately, with the direction of their professor, Dr. Sharon Jones, DNP, RN, they quickly acted to get the her to the Clinic at Mercury Courts. At the Clinic, Nurse Practitioner (Lauren Lakvold, MSN, FNP) and Dr Trent Rosenbloom MD, quickly assessed that this was a life threatening emergency and EMS was called.  This is so what we are about...Saving Lives In the Community Through Interdisciplinary and CommunityTeam Work!  We are so proud of our staff, volunteers and particularly our students. They saw the need, they acted on the need, and ended up saving this person from a stroke, heart attack, or worse! She is now in the care of the Clinic at Mercury Courts.

Hanna and Glenn (Of course we put Glenn to work)

Glenn and his Wife

Besides saving lives directly, our lives were touched too by the many people who came to the fair. For instance, Hanna Chapman, a Vanderbilt Nursing student and one of the members of the Clinic at Mercury Courts' VPIL team (we love them so much) got to know Glenn Baum and his wife. We had a great time talking with them throughout the day and Glenn was a great help. We found out that Glenn served our Country in World War II in the Pacific...a genuine American Hero. Thank you Glenn for your service and it was or honor to get to know you. We look forward to getting to know everyone better at Trevecca Towers very soon! They are great neighbors! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

More News: Visitors from Across the Country and Globe

Dr. Mary Munchendu

This week is Vanderbilt Graduation...just in case you wondered why there were so many people around.  One of those graduating was Dr Mary Muchendu. Dr Muchendu lives and works as a change agent for health and wellness in Kenya as the Director of Nursing at Kijabe Hospital. Dr Muchendu came to visit the Clinic at Mercury Courts to see what a great job we are doing and we spent time discussing the common goals we have to improve the health and wellness of those we serve. It was an awesome experience.  Our own Aaron Scott, FNP said, " It was exciting to have the opportunity to hear what other cultures are doing, and to bring some of those ideas to the Clinic at Mercury Courts." He has now asked us when we will be sending him to visit Kenya...Not anytime soon, Aaron.

We also had Doctoral Student guest come to visit clinic from across the United States.  Kristin Stitt MSN, RN from Kansas City, MO. Came to visit. She is currently the VP of Clinical Development and Planning for HOS and is an expert in the field of predictive modeling. Predictive modeling is the ability to use existing information to accurately forecast clinical outcomes. Impressive!  She has a heart for uncompensated care since her days working with homeless populations early in her career. She stated "I love what you are doing here. Every health care provider should visit your clinic and see how much can be done with limited resources."
Kristin and Aaron exchanging stories

We also had a visit from Kim Hatchel, MSN, RN. She is also a Doctoral student at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. Kim is the Chief Nursing Officer for the Medical Center of McKinney outside of Dallas, Tx.  Kim is actually a Nashville native and went to school across the street from us at Napier Elementary (of Mobile Market fame).  Being a nursing and systems Guru, Kim had some excellent suggestions for the clinic and said, "You all are doing important work, I will be watching your progress carefully." I know we can live up to her expectations.

Kim Hatchel. CNO HCA
Last, but not least, we had a special visit from a group of Trevecca Students from the Department of Social Justice. It is always exciting to have students from different disciplines come and tour the clinic. Their perspectives are always welcome and to know that the next generation of Social Justice leaders are interested in what we are doing at the clinic is humbling. We are so thankful as a clinic to have the opportunity to be a part of their education, as well as learn from their knowledge and expertise.

The Next Generation of Social Justice 

Diabetes Week at The Clinic Mercury Courts!!!

Beatriz with two of our favorites!!
First Ever Diabetes Class at The Clinic at Mercury Courts:
Our Diabetes week started out great! Dr. Chad Gentry had his first diabetes education class at the Clinic at Mercury Court. We are very excited to have Chad start doing this.  He is a Assistant Professor at Lipscomb University School of Pharmacy and is a Certified Diabetes Educator.  He will be having classed once a month to focus on diabetes and lifestyle choices that help people with Diabetes, as well as those with pre-diabetes, talk control of their blood sugars.  One of the attendees of the class stated, "I have had diabetes for 9 years and no one ever told me anything until I came to the clinic. Now I know more about my diabetes than I ever have!" Chad's response to this was, "That is exactly what we are here to do!" Chad and the crew will be having classes the first Monday of every month from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. Our next class will be next month. If you have diabetes or are concerned you might be at risk, you are welcome to come. Each month Chad will be talking about different topics and doing different activities. Check out our face book page for up to date information about Chad and other events at The Clinic at Mercury Courts. 

Vanderbilt University Students With the Kids
The Busy Market 
Diabetes Mini-Fair
Speaking of events, this past Wednesday we had our second Mini-Fair in front of Napier Elementary. This weeks focus was, of course, Diabetes! We offered free glucose screenings. The Napier Family Resource Center provided healthy fruit cups and dietician students from Vanderbilt University offered nutritional counseling and educations.  The amount of children and families in Nashville affected by diabetes is growing. Having access to healthy foods like fruits and vegetables is very important. The Mobile Market has these and more. They are also stocked with whole grain and low fat dairy products which are very important to a healthy diet. If you haven't come by and seen it, come next Wednesday between and 2:30pm and 4:30pm to check it out.  The Clinic at Mercury Courts will  be there to greet you. We would love to see you!

See You Next Week!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

New EKG Machine At The Clinic at Mercury Courts

The Clinic at Mercury Courts has a new EKG machine! We’re really excited to provide this service for our patients and community. An EKG (Electrocardiogram  [ih-lek-troh-kahr-dee-uh-gram]) is a simple test to see how well your heart is doing. 

Some chronic illnesses like hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes put a person at risk for heart problems like heart attack and stroke. An EKG can help see if you are at risk. Also, if you’ve ever been diagnosed with coronary artery disease, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, had a heart attack, or you know that your heart has already had some problems, it is important that you get an EKG. 

Our hope is that you’ll come in so that we can get a baseline EKG on you to keep in your chart. Getting a baseline EKG allows us to look at your heart on a normal day so that if we are ever concerned about your heart in the future we have a good place to start.

So, if you have any of these medical conditions or have never had an EKG done, schedule an appointment today! 
Call for an Appointment:
The Clinic at Mercury Courts
Visit us at: Facebook
or follow on Twitter: @mercuryclinic 
It is so this video to see what to expect!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Schedule Today!!! 615-341-4447

Nashville General's Mammograms in May

In honor of Mother's Day, Nashville General Hospital at Meharry is once again offering no cost mammograms during the month of May.

Women over the age of 40 who have not had a mammogram in the past year are encouraged to take part in Nashville General Hospital's 11th annual Mammograms in May program. The NO COST MAMMOGRAMS are for women both insured and UNINSURED. Copays will not be incurred. The no cost mammograms will be conducted in Nashville General's Breast Health Center, located on the main floor of the hospital at 1818 Albion Street.

Beginning May 1, 2013, call 615-341-4447 to schedule an appointment.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First Mini-Fair High Blood Pressure

Kylynn Daniels (VUSN student) taking our
new friend, Cameyia Wells' Blood Pressure
We had another great time today at the Nashville Mobile Market (@nashmobilemkt).  The focus of our first #Mini-Fair was high blood pressure. I am happy to say that quite few people were able to take advantage of the free screening.  High blood pressure is one of the leading chronic health problems in the United States and it often has no symptoms.  Even if you do not have high blood pressure, it is important to get screened from time to time to make sure it does not sneak up on you.  The highest your blood pressure should go is 140/90 (one forty over ninety).

What a Cutie!! Keep eating Healthy!
In order to help our community stay healthy, the Clinic at Mercury Courts is planning and committed to be at the Mobile Market, outside of Napier Elementary, every Wednesday from 2:30pm to 4:30pm (weather permitting). Each week we will be providing simple health screenings like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, or BMI. We will also be providing diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle classes as well.  One person stated, "It is nice to know someone is caring about our community and about our health."

I can't overstate what a great opportunity it has been to partner with the Nashville Mobile Market. Another shopper said, "These prices are great! I love that I can get a fresh tomatoes, strawberries, and cabbage so close to home."

The kids also love it. It was fun walking through the market with the children and seeing them name off all the fruits and vegetables.  It was amazing! One of our favorites is the young lady (right) who was so excited to buy fresh strawberries and banana. We all had a great time and cannot wait until next week!!

Dr. Chad Gentry goofing off with Napier Mom
Next week we are planning on doing blood glucose screenings so if you want to have a free blood glucose screen, come on over to Napier Elementary from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm...And Don't forget your grocery money to by some of the healthiest food in Nashville from the Nashville Mobile Market!

Also, Don't forget...our resident Pharmacist from Lipscomb University and Certified Diabetic Educator will be providing FREE DIABETIC EDUCATION at the Clinic at Mercury Courts on May 6th from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Visit our Facebook Page for details or follow us on twitter @MercuryClinic. See you there!