Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013

Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays Everyone! We have had a great year at the Clinic at Mercury Courts.  To show our appreciation to the Mercury Courts Community, the Vanderbilt School of Nursing donated over $400 and enough goodies to fill over 200 Christmas gift bags.  We have had a great time giving them out at here at the clinic or delivering bags to our neighbors' apartments. Here are a few pics from the week.

Thank You 
Mercury Courts
Urban Housing Solutions
Vanderbilt School of Nursing

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Food Drive Sponsored by Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

Quantez picking from
 a great selection
Ed and Beatriz having a Laugh
The Clinic at Mercury Courts and residence of Urban Housing Solutions had a great surprise over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  The staff at Vanderbilt School of Nursing delivered over 200 canned good and nonperishable food items to help celebrate the holidays with the residence of Mercury Courts.  The food drive was organized by the VUSN Staff Advisory Council and spearheaded by Sara Putman.  Thank you Sara and VUSN!  It was such a great day having everyone come through the clinic and visit.  It was a wonderful opportunity to talk about all the things we have to be thankful for over this past year. It reminded me of what a great community we have at Mercury Courts and how many friends we have made.  It is hard to believe that the clinic has already been open for over a year and a half.  We are still so thankful for the warm welcomes we receive every morning we come into work at the clinic.  Here are just a few of the pics from the day.
Joe and Charles 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Personal Note to Our Volunteers

Charlotte Covington, MSN, FNP Checking Ears

It has just slowed down enough for me to write this, but you all have been on my mind over the last week.  I am so grateful to each one of you for your willingness to serve both with your time and with your hearts.  It was truly a rewarding experience for me to see everyone at work and to help so many families in the Napier Community last week. In total we saw over 55 elementary school students. These are students who were in danger of missing their first weeks of school if  you had not help with their physicals and immunization counseling. I was blown away by the variety of volunteers we had. They ranged from Assistant Dean Terri Crutcher, DNP and Assistant Professor Susie Leming-Lee DNP with VUSN to a variety of nursing, pharmacy, and physician assistant students. I was also overwhelmed by the amount of practicing faculty from VUSN that were willing to come on their own time to volunteer their valuable service. Thank you to Anna Richmond, MSN, FNP and Charlotte Covington, MSN, FNP for coming and a special shout out to The Clinic at Mercury Courts' very own Aaron Scott, MSN, FNP and Lauren Lakvold, DNP, FNP

I want to say a special thank you to Roberta Bradley, MSN, FNP who not only volunteered to serve at the event for two days but also volunteered to coordinate our NP volunteers and provide her pediatric expertise. Also on the administrative side, I would like to thank Whitney Hanor for coordinating the small army of PA students from Trevecca's Physician Assistance Program who volunteered.  I was very happy to hear about you all coming from Brittany Jewett. Thank you Brittany  for connecting us.

Another two people I would like to mention are Bruce Abbott and Whitney Piper from Lipscomb College of Pharmacy. They were there with us everyday using their expertise to counsel families on immunizations and to help them arrange compliance with Metro Schools. That was a tough job and I greatly appreciated you both for doing this and for doing such a remarkable job. 

Whitney Piper (Lipscomb) providing patient education 
and immunization Counseling
I would also be remiss if I did not thank Bryn Evans with VUSN and Neesha Hetcher, VUSN student, for their, behind the scene work ordering, developing content for,  and preparing the folders used at the event. Preparing and stuffing folders ahead of time was a big job, but it really helped us stay organized and on track throughout the week. Thank you! Neesha also volunteered an additional full day on Friday and represented VUSN very well. 

And lastly, I would like to thank Dr Pilon and the Vanderbilt School of Nursing for their vision in caring for communities through interprofessional practice, and their ongoing dedication to The Clinic at Mercury Courts. Without them, we would not have this platform from which to help anyone. Thank you, exceedingly. 

Again, I am personally grateful to everyone that came out over the week. Beware, I now have your emails and will not hesitate to call on you again for your help. You all did a phenomenal job and I look forward to our next big outreach event! The next big thing will be Project Homeless Connect 2014 so stay posted!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Introducing Mobile Care Coordination at The Clinic at Mercury Courts

You might have heard some rumors or even seen some of our tweets @MercuryClinic. Well the rumors are true! The Clinic at Mercury Courts has a new Mobile Care Coordination Program. We are bringing a piece of the clinic to you each week. To kick off the program, The Clinic at Mercury Courts team is visiting the different Urban Housing Solutions (UHS) properties and providing mini-health fairs. There are many residents who of UHS who will benefit from this program and we are excited to connect with them. We are planning to come to several properties over the next few months.

At these visits, members of the staff from The Clinic at Mercury Courts will be there to talk, take blood pressures, and you will be able to ask them questions about your health. Yesterday our volunteer nurse practitioner, Dr. Lauren Lakvold, DNP and UHS Health Advocate, Brittany Jewett were able to go and meet residents from Fisk Courts to initiate the process of primary care. It was a highlight to get to know everyone better. One resident we met was Lydia who heard about the Clinic, but had not been there yet. After discussing what The Clinic has to offer, she was excited to establish care there. (see photo below)
Lydia and Dr. Lakvold getting know each other at Fisk

This new program is more than just mini health fairs. The team from UHS and The Clinic are hoping to identify our most vulnerable residents and patients to provide the best care possible no matter if they can make it to the clinic or not. First, The Clinic’s staff recognizes that all the medical information can be complicated and hard to understand. If residents don’t understand what they are taking a specific medication for, or what going on in their health then the MCCD makes it easier than ever to get answers! Through a seamless process with UHS and The Clinic at Mercury Courts residents are connected to the services they need as quickly as possible. The Coordination team will also be there to provide care during a home visit. The staff understands that it is very difficult to get to The Clinic and the team is committed to meeting residents where they are.

The Clinic at Mercury Courts is very pleased to be starting this program for our community, and we look forward to growing it alongside Urban Housing Solutions. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for when the MCCS is coming to you! 

Come see us when we are near you or just come by and see us at 411 Murfreesboro Pike (in front of the Mercury Courts Complex). 

The Clinic at Mercury Courts
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BY: Lauren Lakvold DNP, Brittany Jewett,  and Christian Ketel, MSN