Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Growing everyday. Things are still slower than we would like, but people are coming!!!! We are so excited.  We have been giving out flu shots for the last week and a half and that has brought some wonderful folks into the clinic.

A few things going on this week....

We are also planning on having a Women's Health Event next month. The tentative dates are Nov 16-17th. It is short notice, but anything we can do to get more awareness for the clinic and people in the doors is a good thing.  We have a few provider volunteers for the event but could use more.  We will be    doing a complete physical and counseling including Pap for $25 (cost of the lab only).

The Contributor, a wonderful local Nashville paper that specifically address local issues effecting our homeless community, is doing a story on our clinic.  What an honor. It is also nice to have one more friend in Nashville. More Info on The Contributor

Our interdisciplinary learning students have really stepped up this past week as well. They have been canvassing the neighborhood encouraging patients to come in the clinic...hey we are not proud...they are very enthusiastic and free!! Love our students.

For anyone into medical tech stuff, our Interface with our lab vendor, LabCorp will be up and running by the end of the week I hope. I also plan on doing a survey at some point soon to see if a patient portal would be well received or not. Then see if we can get it paid for of course.

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