Thursday, May 23, 2013

Community Care in Action

Yesterday in-between rain showers, Trevecca Towers, on the campus of Trevecca University, held a very productive health fair for the residents of Trevecca Towers and the surrounding community.  There is a story behind this event. Nursing students from Vanderbilt School of Nursing identified a need for primary care services and want to do something to improve the general health and wellness of each member in the community.  They planned, organized, and implemented the event which provided screening and education throughout the day. You might be thinking, "Did it make a significant impact on the community?" I am glad you asked. In fact, they did more than that. They saved a life or kidding!  Here is what happened. One of the participants in the fair was being screened for high blood pressure, and Boy Did She Ever have high blood pressure!!! Her blood pressure was almost 3x the level it should be!  The fast thinking Vanderbilt Nursing student quickly rechecked and confirmed the blood pressure and immediately, with the direction of their professor, Dr. Sharon Jones, DNP, RN, they quickly acted to get the her to the Clinic at Mercury Courts. At the Clinic, Nurse Practitioner (Lauren Lakvold, MSN, FNP) and Dr Trent Rosenbloom MD, quickly assessed that this was a life threatening emergency and EMS was called.  This is so what we are about...Saving Lives In the Community Through Interdisciplinary and CommunityTeam Work!  We are so proud of our staff, volunteers and particularly our students. They saw the need, they acted on the need, and ended up saving this person from a stroke, heart attack, or worse! She is now in the care of the Clinic at Mercury Courts.

Hanna and Glenn (Of course we put Glenn to work)

Glenn and his Wife

Besides saving lives directly, our lives were touched too by the many people who came to the fair. For instance, Hanna Chapman, a Vanderbilt Nursing student and one of the members of the Clinic at Mercury Courts' VPIL team (we love them so much) got to know Glenn Baum and his wife. We had a great time talking with them throughout the day and Glenn was a great help. We found out that Glenn served our Country in World War II in the Pacific...a genuine American Hero. Thank you Glenn for your service and it was or honor to get to know you. We look forward to getting to know everyone better at Trevecca Towers very soon! They are great neighbors! 

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