Friday, May 10, 2013

More News: Visitors from Across the Country and Globe

Dr. Mary Munchendu

This week is Vanderbilt Graduation...just in case you wondered why there were so many people around.  One of those graduating was Dr Mary Muchendu. Dr Muchendu lives and works as a change agent for health and wellness in Kenya as the Director of Nursing at Kijabe Hospital. Dr Muchendu came to visit the Clinic at Mercury Courts to see what a great job we are doing and we spent time discussing the common goals we have to improve the health and wellness of those we serve. It was an awesome experience.  Our own Aaron Scott, FNP said, " It was exciting to have the opportunity to hear what other cultures are doing, and to bring some of those ideas to the Clinic at Mercury Courts." He has now asked us when we will be sending him to visit Kenya...Not anytime soon, Aaron.

We also had Doctoral Student guest come to visit clinic from across the United States.  Kristin Stitt MSN, RN from Kansas City, MO. Came to visit. She is currently the VP of Clinical Development and Planning for HOS and is an expert in the field of predictive modeling. Predictive modeling is the ability to use existing information to accurately forecast clinical outcomes. Impressive!  She has a heart for uncompensated care since her days working with homeless populations early in her career. She stated "I love what you are doing here. Every health care provider should visit your clinic and see how much can be done with limited resources."
Kristin and Aaron exchanging stories

We also had a visit from Kim Hatchel, MSN, RN. She is also a Doctoral student at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. Kim is the Chief Nursing Officer for the Medical Center of McKinney outside of Dallas, Tx.  Kim is actually a Nashville native and went to school across the street from us at Napier Elementary (of Mobile Market fame).  Being a nursing and systems Guru, Kim had some excellent suggestions for the clinic and said, "You all are doing important work, I will be watching your progress carefully." I know we can live up to her expectations.

Kim Hatchel. CNO HCA
Last, but not least, we had a special visit from a group of Trevecca Students from the Department of Social Justice. It is always exciting to have students from different disciplines come and tour the clinic. Their perspectives are always welcome and to know that the next generation of Social Justice leaders are interested in what we are doing at the clinic is humbling. We are so thankful as a clinic to have the opportunity to be a part of their education, as well as learn from their knowledge and expertise.

The Next Generation of Social Justice 

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